Marcellino Announces School Safety Zone Act

Carl L Marcellino

June 11, 2008

Senator Carl L. Marcellinoannounced today that the Senate has passed his legislation, Senate Bill 613 which establishes the School Safety Zone Act.

The School Safety Zone Act doubles the fine for moving violations occurring within a quarter mile radius of a primary or secondary school or 200 yards of a school in New York City during school hours. It also requires maximum speed limits in school safety zones to be set and requires appropriate signage to be incorporated designating the zones and the double fine provision. Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among children.

"Hurried motorists excessively speed through school zones and fly by school bus stop signs on a daily basis," Senator Marcellino said. "Increased fines will help stop violators in their tracks, and decrease the amount of senseless tragedies."

Young children are especially at risk in school zones due to their underdeveloped motor skills, coordination, sensory stimulation and balance. With the high concentration of children in and around public schools, our state needs to take necessary steps to deter potential traffic violations in school safety zones. Doubling traffic fines in school safety zones will deter traffic violations near school and help to create a safer environment.

"This bill is all about the safety of our students. Drivers need to take extra precaution in and around school areas. With children darting in and out of the roadways, traffic infractions take on an increased impact and danger. By doubling fines in these areas, drivers will be more aware and more accountable for their actions near our schools," Senator Marcellino concluded.