Marcellino Brings Home Funding To The City Of Glen Cove

Carl L Marcellino

April 07, 2005

Senator Carl L. Marcellino (R-Syosset) today announced that he successfully fought for thousands of dollars to benefit the City of Glen Cove.

"Local governments are the backbone of our community, and I want to make sure that the city of Glen Cove is getting its fair share," Senator Marcellino said.

The City of Glen Cove is slated to receive $2,496,506 from this year’s State Budget. "This is good news for the residents of Glen Cove," Senator Marcellino said.

The funding will be included in the state budget, which the Senate and Assembly passed last week. Overall, the budget increases aid to local governments by $57 million over last year. The Senate fought for a 3.75 percent increase in aid to towns and villages, along with a minimum increase of $500 to assure that each village gets a reasonable hike in aid.

Senator Marcellino said that this year’s budget pays particular attention to local government’s need to control property tax increases.

"Taxpayers and local government talked, and we listened," Senator Marcellino said. "We increased aid to cities, towns and villages, and we capped local government spending on fast-growing programs like Medicaid."