Carl L Marcellino

May 02, 2014

Senator Carl L. Marcellino is calling on “New York Rising” to provide financial assistance after the devastating mudslide in Sea Cliff. 

Heavy rains caused a significant landslide behind a home on Bay Avenue. The Sea Cliff home’s backyard was washed away and there was a 100-foot drop to the Long Island Sound from the yard.

The retaining wall was just renovated two years ago, since then Tropical Storm Sandy caused immense erosion along our shorelines. Senator Marcellino said, “It is the responsibility of government to make improvements in the wake of the state's recent string of brutal storms in order to prevent future erosion. Doing so will positively benefit the shoreline.”

Senator Marcellino toured the area with Mayor Kennedy and thanked the first responders for their professional and quick response. “I am thankful that no one was hurt and that no major environmental damage was done,” said Senator Marcellino

“It is remarkable that nobody was injured as a result of this storm; however the full effect of this historic mudslide may yet to be realized.  It appears that more of the hillside has been affected than was initially thought.  It is of great comfort to me as Mayor and our residents to know that Senator Marcellino will, as usual, help us out in this time of difficulty,” Mayor Bruce Kennedy, Village of Sea Cliff

The NY Rising Program is designed for areas that are affected by storms, to implement locally created strategies for rebuilding and strengthening communities against future extreme weather events.