Carl L Marcellino

March 20, 2015

State Senator Carl L. Marcellino (R, Syosset) announced today that he has introduced legislation, Senate Bill 4406, which would allow school district to receive building aid for the installation of alternative energy system including solar, wind or geothermal project.

“The installation of alternative energy sources for our schools will not only be a positive for the environment, but will help districts better manage energy costs that fluctuate greatly year to year.  Add to these benefits the long term savings to the taxpayer and it is clear that we need to do all we can to incentivize these types of projects," said Senator Marcellino.

Under current law, school districts can receive building aid for the installation of apparatus that support these alternative systems, including pumps, wiring, controls, but not for the system itself. This legislation will remedy this oversight and include the systems themselves within the list of building aid eligible projects.

“These green energy systems are a benefit to our environment, reduce pollution and save tax payers money by providing clean free energy.  This legislation will remove an unnecessary obstacle for school districts considering an alternative energy system and will hopefully, motivate more districts to go green,” concluded Senator Marcellino.