Marcellino Passes Bill To End Discrimination Against The Handicapped In Nyc

Carl L Marcellino

May 24, 2005

State Senator Carl L. Marcellino (R, Syosset) recently announced Senate passage of S. 3192 which would make any New York State Handicapped Parking Permit valid in New York City. Marcellino’s bill would also make New York City handicapped permits valid in all counties outside of the City. However, if an individual has a valid handicapped parking permit issued by any other county or state, they cannot legally park in handicapped spaces in the City of New York. Senator Marcellino’s bill corrects this inequity.

"This bill is about one thing - fairness. I believe that if you are in need of a handicapped parking space and you have obtained a legal permit, you should be able to park in a New York City handicapped parking space. Your permit is valid in every other locality in the Nation, so why shouldn’t it be valid in the Big Apple," asked Senator Marcellino.

Currently, individuals who live and work in New York City are issued a special handicapped parking permit from New York City which affords them the ability to park in additional designated handicapped spaces. This can create a real burden for handicapped individuals who do not live or work in New York City, but travel to and visit New York City frequently. Marcellino’s legislation would give handicapped individuals from outside of New York City the opportunity to park in the same designated handicapped parking spaces as those handicapped individuals who live and work in New York City.

"This bill is all about common sense. This legislation says that if New York City residents who have permits can park in handicapped parking spots on Long Island, physically challenged Long Island residents will be able to park in handicapped parking in the City. This bill passed by the Senate will level the playing field for all of New York State’s handicapped residents," concluded Senator Marcellino.

The bill now goes to the Assembly.