More Lights To Brighten Downtown Glen Cove

Carl L Marcellino

December 05, 2006

Earlier this week in downtown Glen Cove, Mayor Ralph V. Suozzi accepted a $75,000 State Department of Transportation grant from State Senator Carl L. Marcellino. The funds will be used for an ongoing project to replace aging, inappropriate highway light posts and fixtures within the City’s downtown business district.

"The new lighting will offer a much brighter streetscape, yet it is energy efficient and keeps with the historic setting of Glen Cove. When a city's central downtown thrives, it lifts the entire community and everyone's quality of life is raised, this project will help realize that goal. I am delighted to be involved in an ongoing partnership with Mayor Suozzi to improve Glen Cove’s business district, said Senator Marcellino.

Mayor Suozzi said, "Senator Marcellino was instrumental in securing this money to assist us in our efforts to make our downtown more secure. New fixtures will be installed along East Glen Street. I appreciate all of Senator Marcellino’s continued efforts that ultimately benefit every Glen Cove resident."

The new units, many of which are in place on Glen and School Streets, are energy efficient non-light polluting, sturdy and attractive. Inappropriate lamp posts will be taken down and evaluated. Those in good condition will be recycled to other areas of Glen Cove. All the new lighting will sustain a friendly, walkable downtown that encourages shoppers, visitors and residents to come to the area.
The new fixtures will be installed along Glen Street, east of Pulaski Street.