School Safety Zone Act Approved By Senate

Carl L Marcellino

March 07, 2006

In order to combat student deaths involving automobiles, the State Senate today passed Senator Carl L. Marcellino’s "School Safety Zone Act" (S. 5634). This bill doubles the fines for motorists who commit moving violations within a quater mile of a school. The bill is sponsored in the Assembly by Assemblyman Nick Perry.

"As late as 2002, car crashes were the leading killer of students. In order to combat this scourge of unnecessary deaths, I took an idea we used to better protect people who work in highway work zones and applied it to areas around our schools. It’s a common sense approach to a real problem," said Senator Marcellino.

The "School Safety Zone Act" will not only double fines around local schools, but it will also increase revenue which will cover the costs of emergency services, traffic precautions, and other public services related to the protection and care of children involved in vehicle related accidents.

"Every day people are rushing to get to where they need to go. We are living in an age where everything happens in a flash and that need for speed can cost lives. Whenever someone speeds through school zones or flies by a school bus with flashing red lights there is a chance for a senseless tragedy. My legislation is designed to protect our children," continued Senator Marcellino.

"This bill is all about the safety of all our students. Drivers need to take extra care in and around school areas. With children darting in and out of roadways, traffic infractions take on a potentially life threatening consequences. By doubling the fines in these areas, drivers will be more aware and more accountable for their actions near our schools," concluded Senator Marcellino.

The bill now goes to the Assembly.