Senator Marcellino’s Bill To Ban "On-Line" Hunting Becomes Law

Carl L Marcellino

March 26, 2009


State Senator Carl L. Marcellino (R, Syosset) recently announced that his legislation which would outlaw "on-line" hunting in New York State was signed into law by Governor Pataki. On-line hunting allows individuals to use the Internet to fire real weapons at animals in remote locations.

"Hunting was never meant to be a video game. With the click of a mouse a cyberhunter can kill an animal thousands of miles away. This law will stop New Yorkers from creating these barbaric web sites and perpetuating this so called "sport," said Senator Marcellino.

Under the law, it is illegal for any person or corporate entity to own or operate a shooting gallery or shooting range for the purpose of the shooting or spearing animals. The law also prohibits the creation, maintenance or utilization of a web site from any location within New York State for on-line hunting. Anyone who violates this law is subject to a fine up to $2,500.

"On-line hunting is a dangerous and cowardly activity that has no place in our great State. These reckless and careless games insult every person who appreciates the grandeur of our mountains, the rugged beauty of our forest, and the vast variety of our indigenous animals," continued Senator Marcellino.

"This issue is one that sportsmen and animal activists can agree upon. Almost everyone believes that on-line hunting cheapens the honorable sport of hunting and shows a fundamental lack of respect for other living creatures. This bill will stop on-line hunting in the New York State right in its tracks," concluded Senator Marcellino.