Senator Marcellino Announces Continuation Of The Purple Heart Stamp

Carl L Marcellino

January 23, 2006

Senator Carl L. Marcellino (R, Syosset) recently announced that United States Postal Service will continue the Purple Heart Stamp as a 39-cent issue.

"I am proud that the Post Office will be reissuing the Purple Heart Stamp at first class rates. This stamp represents more than just a way to send mail. It was a crusade that was joined by thousands of your friends and neighbors. By working together as a community, we made the Post Office listen to us. Sometimes you can fight city hall and win," said Senator Marcellino.

The Purple Heart Stamp was originally issued on May 30, 2003 to honor the sacrifices of members of the United States Military Services who have been killed or wounded in action.

The specific date for the issue of the new 39-cent Purple Heart Stamp will soon be announced by the US Postal Service. Until the new stamp is available, the 37-cent version will remain on sale at local post offices.