Senator Marcellino's Global Warming Package Passed

Carl L Marcellino

June 26, 2008

Senator Carl L. Marcellino, Chair of the Environmental Conservation Committee, announced that his Greenhouse Gas Reduction Legislative Package has passed the Senate this legislative session.

"What we need in this state is a new energy policy. Less than one percent of our energy comes from renewable resources; compare that to our reliance on petroleum for 44% of our energy in this state. These bills are victories not only for the environment, but for the consumer who is increasingly plagued by rising energy costs," said Senator Marcellino

The bills ranged from mandating new state construction projects to consider green building principles to a sales tax exemption for energy-star rated appliances. Senator Marcellino’s Greenhouse Gas Legislative Package includes:

  • S.7842 -- Create a Climate Change Task Force to produce a state energy plan that reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2020, and includes a 50% reduction of emissions by 2050.

S.5442-B -- Mandate that the construction of new state buildings to comply with green building principles.

S.8356 -- Provide research grants to entities conducting research on reducing, mitigating or capturing greenhouse gasses.
S.6088 -- Expand tax exemptions for alternative fueled vehicles to also include the state sales tax, corporate income tax, business franchise tax, and personal income tax.
S.6944 -- Provide a state sale tax exemption on the purchase of energy-star appliances
S8565 -- Loosen cost restraints on municipalities when municipal purchasing of electricity from renewable energy sources

"I am proud of this legislation," said Senator Marcellino, "Since I came into office in 1995, I have fought vigilantly for both the environment and for the health and prosperity of all New Yorkers. These bills provide finanicial incentives that will allow us to begin to ease our dependence on petroleum and find energy sources that are both good for the planet, and good for us."