Syosset Becomes First Long Island District To Join "health Corps"

Carl L Marcellino

September 29, 2006

Senator Carl L. Marcellino has always been a special friend to the Syosset School District. A resident, his children attended the District schools and before he was elected State Senator, Senator Marcellino served on the Syosset Board of Education. "Whenever we have a problem, whether it is local, state, or even Federal, we know that we can turn to Senator Marcellino for assistance, guidance, and for results," said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Carole G. Hankin. "In the 17 years that I have known him, Carl Marcellino has never let us down."

When the District needed funding to pilot a Peer Leadership program, Senator Marcellino obtained the grant money we needed to begin. Since then, he has continued to provide funding for the program. As a result it has grown to a four-year for-credit program in the High School and has also been extended to Peer Mediation programs in the elementary and middle schools.

Now, Senator Marcellino has pledged to provide the funds for an extraordinary new program that will make the Syosset the first Long Island District to participate in the Health Corps program, founded by renowned cardiologist Dr. Mehmet Oz, a Columbia Presbyterian Hospital heart surgeon, author and frequent health-topics guest on Oprah Winfrey's TV talk show. Health Corps underlying premises is that knowledge is power, and knowledge about health will help children to change their own lives and be, in Dr. Oz's words, "agents of change" for others, especially other young people and their own families.

"Senator Marcellino attended the Dr. Oz demonstration at Syosset High School and saw firsthand how this program could benefit our students and their families, he stepped up and promised to provide us with the funds to bring the Health Corps to Syosset High School,"said Dr. Hankin.

At the demonstration students got to see and touch real human organs from Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital’s autopsy lab. Observing "healthy" and "unhealthy" versions of organs, such as a normal heart and a heart with coronary heart disease, students gain insight into their own bodies. After handling and examining the diseased and healthy organs exhibited by Dr. Oz, the Senator felt this would be a great opportunity for our students and their families. "I’m excited to be able to offer my help to fund this program—it will benefit our students and our entire community," said Senator Marcellino

"By giving students, parents, and community members the necessary tools to surround themselves with healthy options, Health Corps is working today for a healthy America tomorrow," said Dr.Oz.