Chautauqua County Executive Tours South County Flood Damage

Catharine Young

August 18, 2009

By WKBW Directors

(Kiantone, NY) -- A number of communities in Chautauqua County were hard hit by recent, devastating floods, and Executive Gregory J. Edwards toured flood ravaged areas in the Town of Kiantone Sunday afternoon.

Edwards visited Circle Mechanical on Route 60 and Hidden Valley Campground on Kiantone Road along with State Senator Catharine Young and Town Supervisor Jeffrey Piazza.

"The creek that runs behind Circle Mechanical has significantly eroded away the stream bank, and the owners are concerned about any future flooding and how it may affect their property and their business," Edwards said.

Edwards said the stream that flows through Hidden Valley Campground damaged several trailers, and residents have been working to repair their vacation properties over the past week. The flood waters also washed away the creek bank in the back portion of the property.

"Senator Cathy Young was very gracious in allowing Supervisor Piazza and I to give her a tour of the damage," Edwards said, "and the Senator has promised to help out in any way she can."

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