Financial Boost

Catharine Young

December 13, 2006

Flooding counter-measurers and agritourism are getting a financial boost thanks to state Sen. Catharine Young. Sen. Young, R-Olean, spoke in Jamestown on Monday to announce the
release of $50,000 in state funds for three specific local projects. The first was a $20,000 member item grant for the Conewango Watershed Commission, which has worked for several years
to clear out sections of Conewango Creek to ease drainage. Sen.Young was among the first state politicians to see the issues associated with the watershed together with the late state Sen. Patricia McGee.

‘‘I’ll never forget the tour in the back of a pick-up truck and all the flooding and damage to crop lands that had been done,’’ Mrs. Young said Monday. ‘‘Herb Nobles has just reported the water has been high, but has not flooded.’’

Herbert Nobles, chairman of the commission, said he was grateful for Sen. Young’s support and involvement and even said canoists and kayakers are starting to take to
the newly cleared waterways. ‘‘We can do the east branch of the dredge back to South Dayton, ’’ Nobles said. ‘‘Roadways in that area used to be flooded and now there’s no water. We definately
appreciate it.’’

Two other member item grants were awarded to the Downtown Jamestown Development Corp. One grant for $10,000 will be used to support the seasonal Farmer’s Market program on Third Street. A second grant for $20,000 will help support DJDC activities in downtown Jamestown throughout the year.

‘‘The DJDC has done a superb job of attracting visitors for the many wonderful events they
sponsor,’’ Sen. Young said. ‘‘DJDC’s strong attachment to Chautauqua County bodes well for the future of our community.’’ Lee Harkness, DJDC executive director, said the cumulative impact of the grants on the local agriculture and tourism industrieswould be significant, though he could not
quantify it in dollar terms.

‘‘I can assure the Senator that she will be pleased with the investment she has made in this community,’’ Harkness said.