Preheater Breaks Ground For $15 Million Project

Catharine Young

December 20, 2006

“This is a great day for Wellsville and a great day for the entire region,” said State Sen. Catharine Young. “An $18 million expansion is the largest we've had in this area in decades.

“The employees of Alstom Air Preheater are a great example of the type of workforce we have here in Allegany County. many come from strong farming roots, they work hard and show what they can do for a company - and it's tremendous,” Young continued. “We need to develop good paying jobs so people can buy a house here, spend their money here, then go to Texas Hot for lunch!”

State Assemblyman Joseph Giglio said of the Wellsville area, “We have said it before, this is the best place to expand a business, to start a business and the best place to raise a family.”

Tim Doolittle, the western regional director of Empire State Development said “I'm pleased we were able to take part in such a great project. An $18 million expansion is so significant and we thank you for your investment. Without your employees, there would be no investment here.”

Bysiek said “Our workforce is highly skilled and very experienced, and we are going to be very aggressive in recruiting additional employees. I am confident we can find the right people here in the Southern Tier.”

However, Bysiek said the current employees were the reason Preheater decided to build the new addition.

“A major factor in the decision to grow the company locally was based on the loyal, hard-working and experienced workface at the plant,” Bysiek said.

Alstom Air Preheater is the leading supplier of regenerative air preheaters as well as coal and various mineral pulverizing mills in the world, company officials said. They are headquartered in Wellsville with two locations, on Andover Road and Main Street. They produce Ljungstrom Air Preheater, Raymond Grinding Mills and high temperature recuperators which are accepted as worldwide standards in the utility power generation and industrial markets, company officials said.