Sen. Young Presents a Resolution to the Chautauqua County Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Catharine Young

October 08, 2008


Senate Resolution No. 7161

BY: Senator YOUNG

        COMMENDING the Chautauqua County Coalition Against
        Domestic   Violence  and  Sexual  Assault  upon  the
        occasion of hosting its Domestic Violence and  Unity
        Day on October 3, 2008

  WHEREAS,  It is the sense of this Legislative Body to recognize that
the quality and character of life in the  communities  across  New  York
State  are  reflective  of  the concerned and dedicated efforts of those
organizations and individuals who would devote themselves to the welfare
of the community and its citizenry; and

  WHEREAS, Attendant to such concern, and  in  full  accord  with  its
long-standing  traditions,  this  Legislative  Body  is  justly proud to
commend the Chautauqua County Coalition Against  Domestic  Violence  and
Sexual  Assault  upon  the occasion of hosting its Walk Against Domestic
Violence and Unity Day on Friday, October 3, 2008, in  conjunction  with
National Domestic Violence Awareness Month; and

  WHEREAS,  Domestic  violence  is  a  tragic  crime  that crosses all
ethnic,  racial,  age,  national  origin,  religious  and  socioeconomic
boundaries; and

  WHEREAS,  The startling number of incidences of domestic violence is
a growing source of concern for law enforcement, health care  providers,
clergy, and other members of the community; and

  WHEREAS,  By  recognizing  such events as Unity Day sponsored by the
Chautauqua  County  Coalition  Against  Domestic  Violence  and   Sexual
Assault,  as  well  as  Domestic Violence Awareness Month, it is hopeful
that responsiveness to  this  horrific  crime  will  be  increased,  and
methods  of  reduction  of incidences will be discussed and implemented;

  WHEREAS,  Every  citizen  of  this  great  Empire  State,  including
employers,   health  care  professionals,  substance  abuse  counselors,
educators, human service workers, youth leaders and members  of  various
branches  of  government,  has  a  vital  role to play in promoting zero
tolerance of domestic violence throughout the State of New York; and

  WHEREAS, It is the sense of this Legislative  Body  and  this  great
Empire  State  to  reaffirm  its  worthy  commitment  to addressing this
complex and compelling problem and to encourage increased awareness  and
renewed  efforts  to  eliminate  domestic  violence in our society; now,
therefore, be it

  RESOLVED, That this Legislative Body pause in its  deliberations  to
commend  the  Chautauqua  County Coalition Against Domestic Violence and
Sexual Assault upon the occasion of hosting its  Walk  Against  Domestic
Violence and Unity Day; and be it further

  RESOLVED,  That  a  copy  of this Resolution, suitably engrossed, be
transmitted to the Chautauqua County Coalition Against Domestic Violence
and Sexual Assault.