Senator Young Secures Emergency Assistance For Olean

Catharine Young

January 19, 2006

The City of Olean has been approved to receive an advance payment on its local revenue sharing from New York State, announced Senator Catharine Young (R,I,C - Olean).
An infusion of $875,000 will solve the short-term crisis that would have triggered layoffs in the police, and possibly the fire and public works departments because payroll could not be met.

The state payment was due to the City in March, but intervention by Senator Young speeded up the process. Olean will be sent the remainder of the local revenue sharing amount, totaling about $325,000 on schedule.

"The state division of Budget (DOB) understood the urgency that we conveyed to them because time was running out. Layoff notices were being prepared. DOB was extremely responsive and moved incredibly fast. It is an especially hectic time for them because the Governor just released his state budget proposal, and negotiations with the Legislature are beginning. My hat is off to them," said Senator Young.

"DOB has sent the approved request to State Comptroller Alan Hevesi’s office so he can release the funding," she said.

There are some steps that Olean must take in exchange for the money, according to the Senator.

"We need to accountable responsible government. In return for the advance, the state will request that the City complete its three-year plan in short order. Every city in the state is required to submit this information, but Olean’s has not been finished yet. They must show that they are putting their financial house in order," Senator Young said.

"I’m happy I could help avert a crisis. People need to have police and fire protection, and their roads plowed," she added.