Two Paws Up For Dog License Extension

Catharine Young

August 03, 2005

State Senator Catharine "Cathy" Young (R,I,C - Olean) today announced that legislation (S.5508-A) she sponsored to provide a greater level of efficiency within the dog licensing program by allowing dog owners to purchase one, two or three year licenses for their dogs has been signed into law (Chap. 269) by Governor Pataki.

"This legislation makes life easier for the dog owner," said Senator Young. "One of the biggest reasons people don’t license their four-legged friends year to year is that they simply forget. Now dog owners have the option to purchase multi-year licenses and, in doing so, more pet owners will be likely to license their dogs."

The license may be issued or renewed for a period not to exceed three years. No license shall be issued after the expiration date of the current rabies certificate. In the event an applicant presents an in lieu of a rabies certificate certified by a licensed veterinarian, a license shall be issued or renewed for a period of one year.

The law goes into effect January 15, 2006.