NY Daily News: Protecting kids from drunks

Charles J. Fuschillo Jr.

January 10, 2011

Voice of the People, January 10, 2011

Protecting kids from drunks

The Daily News' recent editorial highlighting the staggering number of drunken drivers arrested under Leandra's Law ("New Year's Eve Warning," Dec. 26) further gives proof why this law was needed in New York State.

Driving drunk is a choice, and choices have consequences. As both a sponsor of Leandra's Law and a parent of three children, I'm pleased that the 661 individuals arrested under the law, who chose to gamble with children's lives by putting them in a car and then driving drunk, must now face the consequences: felony charges and up to four years in jail.

The News and its readers played a key role in making this law a reality through an aggressive advocacy campaign and by highlighting the courageous efforts of Leandra Rosado's father, Lenny. Lenny Rosado and The News now have another 661 reasons to be proud of their efforts.

State Sen. Charles J. Fuschillo Jr.