Senator Fuschillo And District Attorney Rice Announce Funding For New Dwi Enforcement Technology

Charles J. Fuschillo Jr.

August 24, 2006

Senator Charles J. Fuschillo, Jr. (8th Senate District) and Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice today announced $110,000 in state grant funding for new technology to help the District Attorney’s office prosecute drunk drivers. Senator Fuschillo and District Attorney Rice were joined at the announcement by the leaders of Long Island DWI victims advocacy groups.

"Despite the best efforts of lawmakers, law enforcement officials, and victims advocacy groups, drunk driving unfortunately remains a problem on Long Island," said Senator Fuschillo, author of New York State’s ".08" law. "It seems that every week, we are seeing a new story of someone who is killed by a drunk driver. This is an issue that District Attorney Rice and I have made a top priority, and through further cooperation, we will continue to toughen the laws and create new programs to prevent more tragedies."

"We need modern tools and a modern approach to fighting the epidemic that is drunk driving on Long Island. Working with leaders on this issue like Senator Fuschillo, I believe we can save lives on our roads," stated District Attorney Rice.

Using these grant funds, the District Attorney’s office will be able to purchase Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring (SCRAM) units, which will allow law enforcement to monitor DWI offenders on probation and make sure that they are abstaining from alcohol. A SCRAM unit is worn by the offender and detects whether that person has been drinking by monitoring his or her perspiration for alcohol.

"With the help and support of Senator Fuschillo, District Attorney Rice and Mothers Against Drink Driving we can save many lives. The use of this bracelet is another tool in the effort to stop DWI offenders from driving drunk and putting us all at risk. Together we can make this MISSION POSSIBLE," stated MADD Long Island President Denna Cohen.

"Too many have died needlessly because drunk drivers do not care. Everyone involved in the battle against drunk driving has one common goal, to save lives. Senator Fuschillo and District Attorney Rice continually display their commitment and leadership in the good fight. Make no mistake, fighting drunk driving is a war. This grant will arm the good guys with better weapons to fight this war and save lives," said Marge Lee, President and Co-Founder of DEDICATEDD.

In addition, these funds will help the District Attorney’s office to:

- Upgrade camera equipment at the Central Testing Area at Police Headquarters, which would allow more effective video recordings as suspected drunk drivers take sobriety tests. These videos are key pieces of evidence utilized by the District Attorney’s office in DWI prosecutions.

- Purchase additional portable breath testing devices for police officers in the field to use when determining whether a driver is drunk.

- Acquire audio visual equipment for use as part of the District Attorney’s anti-DWI programs for local schools to educate students about the dangers of drinking and driving.

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