Senator Fuschillo Wins State Grant For Bellmore Public Schools

Charles J. Fuschillo Jr.

January 27, 2005

Senator Charles J. Fuschillo, Jr. (8th Senate District) and Assemblyman David G. McDonough (19th Assembly District) announced today that they procured $30,000 in state grant funding for Bellmore Public Schools. The school district used the funds to make computer system upgrades and repairs to playground equipment.

$21,000 in grant funding enabled the district to upgrade its technology program through the purchase of a new server and 27 thin client terminals with flat screen monitors. These terminals connect students to the server and allows them to view a desktop specifically configured for them on the server. Unlike regular computers, these terminals have no moving parts that could fail and no software that could get infected or corrupted by viruses. The result is that they will last twice as long as normal computers and are much easier for the district to manage.

"With technology constantly evolving, it is important for our students to learn how to operate modern computer systems, so that they can learn to navigate the information highway effectively. In addition, parents should know that when there children are playing at school that the playground equipment is secure and safe," said Senator Fuschillo. "I am pleased to join with the Bellmore School District to ensuring that these objectives are achieved by securing this grant funding."

"We are excited about another grant that Senator Fuschillo has gotten to assist this district," Bellmore Superintendent Sheldon Dumain stated. "He has helped the children and the District itself meet its technological goals for the future."

The remaining $9,000 will enable the district to upgrade the playground equipment at Shore Road Elementary School. Two full size basketball courts will be resurfaced and painted, and have new poles, backboards, and nets installed. 2 swing sets will be replaced, and another swing will be repaired. One playground area will also be resurfaced.