$15 Million for Transformation of Brooklyn Navy Yard

Daniel L. Squadron

September 18, 2009

Feature article in WNYC News

NEW YORK, NY September 16, 2009 —New York State Senate has allocated $15 million to transform part of the Brooklyn Navy Yard into an eco-friendly manufacturing center.

Daniel Squadron, senator of the 25th District that encompasses the industrial park, said the project is a model plan.

SQUADRON: It is everything we should be doing in New York City. It is blue collar jobs, green collar jobs, white collar jobs, environmentally sustainable, and right here it on the heart of Brooklyn, right here on the heart of the city.

The green center will stand in lieu of three former WWII naval machine shops. The redevelopment also includes the construction of an exhibition and a visitor center in the former Marine Commandant's House to preserve the history of the sight.