Bars to stay away from Churches

Daniel L. Squadron

March 09, 2010

Two Brooklyn lawmakers are tightening a law so people don’t drink near where they pray.

Under State Sen. Dan Squadron and Assemblymember Joan Millman’s bill, a loophole will be closed in the so-called 200-foot law, intended to keep nightlife establishments a reasonable distance from schools and places of worship.

“By clarifying that measurements must be taken from the property line, as was always intended, this bill creates a clear, consistent standard for communities and establishments to follow – another step toward desperately needed consistency and clarity in licensing,” said Squadron of the bill that recently passed the Senate.

Squadron said the bill requires the 200-foot separation to be measured from the property line of the nightlife establishment.

The clarification creates a clear, enforceable law that nightlife operators can adhere to and communities can rely on, he added.

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