Call him 'Danny Appleseed'

Daniel L. Squadron

January 22, 2010

State Senator Dan Squadron joined Chinatown community leaders last Friday to launch the month-long Chinatown Trees Initiative. Squadron is asking community groups, schools, P.T.A.'s, business groups and individual Chinatown residents to nominate locations where trees should be planted. He'll then work with the Parks Department's Million Trees Program to turn viable location proposals into planted trees A.S.A.P. Said Squadron at the kickoff at Pell and Mott Sts. last week, "It's your neighborhood, shouldn't you be a part of making it more beautiful and improving air quality?" To nominate tree locations, contact Lana Cheung in Squadron's Manhattan office by Fri., Feb. 12, at 212-298-5565 or by e-mail at .

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