Car rental companies gouging outer boros: pols

Daniel L. Squadron

November 18, 2010


Claiming geographic discrimination, three lawmakers want to put the
brakes on car rental companies that charge higher rates to residents
living in certain boroughs.

A survey of 11 car companies that do business in the five boroughs
found two – Thrifty and Dollar, which are owned by the same parent
company – charge Brooklyn, Queens and Bronx residents an additional
fee based on their residence.

Brooklynites pay an additional $55 daily to rent from either of those
companies, Bronx residents pay $53 per day and Queens dwellers are
charged $11 each day, according to a survey from Manhattan Borough
President Scott Stringer, state Sen. Daniel Squadron
(D-Manhattan/Brooklyn) and Assemblyman Brian Kavanagh (D-Manhattan).

Staten Island and Manhattan residents are not subject to any extra fee.

"They're taking advantage, gouging consumers," Stringer said. "It's
basic discrimination ... you're taking advantage of somebody who
happens to live beyond Manhattan and that's not right."

“It’s crazy that some of my constituents get penalized for living on
the other side of the harbor,” added Squadron. “To discriminate
against people who live in certain boroughs is unfair and crazy.
Companies shouldn’t be charging communities. They should be figuring
out their price points and applying them fairly.”

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