Flap over funding plan for Brooklyn Bridge Park: city board nixes tax plan

Daniel L. Squadron

April 28, 2011

NY Daily News

BY Erin Durkin

Thursday, April 28th 2011, 4:00 AM

Local officials are pushing the city to find a solution to the controversy over housing in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Condo foes thought tax revenues from waterfront properties the Jehovah's Witnesses expect to sell was their best bet to pay for the park without building more housing towers - but the city-controlled park board quietly ordered consultants to nix it.

Now politicians are ramping up the pressure to revive the idea before a final report comes out next month.

"There's such a gaping hole here," said state Sen. Daniel Squadron (D-Brooklyn Heights), who sent a letter to Deputy Mayor Robert Steel, along with five other elected officials. "The most important option is being left out."

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