Gay marriage shot down, despite Brooklyn support

Daniel L. Squadron

December 07, 2009

By Thomas Tracy

The New York State Senate failed to hear the call for gay marriage last week despite a wave of support from the Brooklyn delegation and an impassioned speech from one usually soft-spoken borough legislator.

During Wednesday’s vote, the Senate shot down the Marriage Equity Bill 38 to 24.

Vote tallies show that seven of the nine Senators who represent the borough voted in favor of gay marriage. The two holdouts included Bay Ridge State Senator Marty Golden, a Republican, and State Senator Carl Kruger (D-Brighton Beach, Mill Basin).

The outcome of the Marriage Equality Bill vote disappointed many legislators, including freshman Brooklyn Heights State Senator Daniel Squadron.

“I have never seen such powerful and personal arguments on the Senate floor followed by such a disappointing vote,” said Squadron, a longtime supporter of gay marriage. “Today was hard, but we are going to get marriage equality passed in this state.” ...

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