Lower East Side gas leak

Daniel L. Squadron

May 17, 2010

About 60 tenants in three Lower East Side New York City Housing Authority projects who have been without gas for their kitchen stoves for several months finally got a hearing on May 5 when state Sen. Daniel Squadron stepped into the picture.

It took four months for gas to be restored to the 17 apartments in the C line of the building at 182 South St. in the Alfred Smith Houses where a leak on a gas coupling in the basement cut off service on Jan. 20. Tenants had to cook on hot plates supplied by NYCHA until May 7 when gas service was restored.

Tenants in the 26 apartments in the H line of the Two Bridges building at 286 South St. were without gas since March 23 after firefighters responded to a gas leak in a seventh floor apartment and shut down the riser. The housing authority said the service would be restored by May 14.

Tenants, whether in NYCHA housing or any other should not have to go for months without something as essential as cooking gas. Asking residents to live with often faulty hotplates as the only option for this long is unreasonable,” Squadron said....

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