Squadron Still Tireless

Daniel L. Squadron

March 26, 2010

You know something, I think we got a good deal voting Daniel Squadron into office a year and a half ago. He's definitely moving about, legislating all over the place and generally not letting the grass grow between his politically committed toes. It helps, of course, that his party now rules the State Senate (with minor interruptions), and it helps that the guy is a born policy wonk. So we ask him periodically what he's been up to, and he e-grabs us by the lapels and informs.

He's been hard at work to close loopholes in nightlife laws and create effective rules that communities and establishments can rely on. Last month, the Senate passed two bills he sponsored on that count, one making the "200-foot law" (the minimum gap between bars and clubs and schools and churches) more consistent and effective; the other requiring the State Liquor Authority to consider an applicant's history with community boards (bad guys need not re-apply), and standardizing what the SLA must take into account when considering applicants where the 500-foot rule applies (where there are already three nightlife establishments within 500 feet).

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