State Senator Daniel Squadron Opens Lower Manhattan Office

Daniel L. Squadron

January 11, 2009

Encourages Constituents: "Stop by -- visit any time."  

NEW YORK- Senator Daniel Squadron announced today that his Lower Manhattan District Office is open for business as of tomorrow morning, and he encouraged constituents to call or visit with any concerns or suggestions.  

"In my campaign I promised to be active, aggressive and available," said Senator Squadron.  "Opening an office in the district is the first step towards working tirelessly on behalf of my constituents.  I am eager to hear from every one of them."  

Senator Squadron and his staff moved in this week and are settling into a new space, even before the logistics for the Senate session have been finalized.  Phones are connected, computers are plugged in, and everyone is anxiously awaiting the first shipment of paper clips.  Senator Squadron emphasized that while he and his staff are still waiting for office supplies, they are already working hard for the residents of the 25th Senate District.  

"We don't have enough pens or paper clips yet, but we have a budget crisis to fix and we have literally dozens of neighborhood issues that my constituents have already brought up.  We can't wait until everything is in place before we get started, so our office is open full-time for anyone who wants to visit." 

Senator Squadron's district office is located at 250 Broadway, Suite 2011, New York, NY.  His office can be reached by phone at (212) 298-5565 or by e-mail at  It is open Monday through Friday, from 10 AM to 6 PM.