Senator Valesky Lauds Gas Tax Cap And Biodiesel Credit

David J. Valesky

May 17, 2006

With this legislation the Senate took important steps to deal with the energy crisis, capping our state sales tax on gasoline to reduce costs today and enacting policies that will help reduce dependency on foreign oil tomorrow.

While I am pleased again to support a cap on the gas tax, a measure the Senate also passed last fall, I am particularly pleased that the legislation we passed today included a tax credit to encourage the use of biodiesel in home heating fuel, an idea I proposed last fall.

The increased use of biodiesel will not only help reduce toxic emissions, it will also benefit our agriculture industry as we continue to expand the development of biofuels in our state. There is much more to be done as we grapple with high energy costs. But I am glad we took these steps today.