Senator Valesky Named To Commission On Program And Economic Development

David J. Valesky

May 24, 2006

Senate Minority Leader David Paterson has appointed state Senator David J. Valesky (D-Oneida) to the Temporary Commission on the future of New York State Power Programs for Economic Development -- a task force set up to examine the effectiveness of programs intended to make energy more affordable for manufacturers and other businesses.

"The power programs we will examine were created to foster economic development and to save jobs -- good-paying manufacturing jobs that helped build the upstate economy," said Sen. Valesky. "These power programs have helped save thousands of these jobs, and they have also helped create many new jobs. It will be the commission’s job to modify these programs for continued economic development and job creation, and to coordinate these programs with a larger state energy plan to reduce costs for all New Yorkers. I am honored to have the opportunity to serve on this commission."

The commission, which was created by legislation passed this year, is charged with making recommendations to the Governor and the Legislature on whether to continue, modify, expand or replace the state's economic development power programs, including but not limited to the power for jobs program and the energy cost savings benefit program.

Sen. Paterson said, "Senator Valesky has shown a great awareness of the concerns of manufacturers and other businesses in our state, in particular on the issue of energy costs, and will bring an important perspective to this commission."

Randy Wolken, President of the Manufacturers Association of Central New York said, "We are encouraged to see strong Central Upstate representation on the Commission with the appointment of Senator Valesky. Power program benefits are absolutely vital to the preservation of literally thousands of highly-skilled, well-paying manufacturing jobs in the Upstate region alone. It is a positive step to have representation which understands the critical nature of these benefits to hundreds of manufacturers in Central New York and throughout the State."

Sen. Valesky added, "We need to do everything we can to keep jobs in Upstate New York, and we need to make sure these power programs are making it easier for manufacturers and other businesses to stay in New York. This is going to take strong power programs and a real energy plan for our state. I look forward to working toward that end."