Senator Valesky Presides Over Historic Session Confirming State’s Top Judge

David J. Valesky

February 11, 2009

On February 11, 2009, in a historic moment for our state and for Central New York, State Senator David Valesky served as Presiding Officer of the State Senate during the session that saw the confirmation of the first Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals in 16 years.

Judge Jonathan Lippman was confirmed as the new Chief Judge of the state's highest court, replacing retiring Chief Judge Judith Kaye, who was appointed by Governor Mario Cuomo in 1993 and has served ever since.

"I'm proud to represent Central New York when I preside over any session of the Senate, but this session was especially memorable and historic, and I was happy to be a part of it," David Valesky said.

Duties of the Presiding Officer include maintaining order, interpreting the rules and practices of the Senate, and calling on members to debate and vote on the floor.

Senator Valesky has served as Presiding Officer on several occasions this year, and will likely continue to do so many more times before the Senate recesses in June.