Valesky says D.C. should take lesson from IDC-GOP coalition

David J. Valesky

October 04, 2013

Posted on  by Casey Seiler, Capitol bureau chiefin State Senate

Here’s more video from Kyle Hughes of from Wednesday’s Senate hearing on regulatory reform for the tourism and hospitality industries: A Q&A with Independent Democratic Sen. Dave Valesky. Asked about the impasse in Washington, he says that the nation would benefit from the sort of bipartisan functionality that the IDC-Republican Majority Coalition has brought to the state Legislature.

Asked about the IDC’s stance on the Moreland Commission’s request that the Legislature provide enhanced disclosure on outside income, Valesky says it’s “fair” for the majority conferences to bring on counsel to resist the panel. The lawmaker also says he hopes the panel will provide recommendations that the Legislature will be able to act on. (Since this is the panel’s mandate, it’s likely his wish will come true.)

This clip also includes Q&As with GOP Sen. Kathy Marchione and Pat Gallivan reacting to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s new tax-cut task force.