Senator Skelos Joins With The Burke Family On The 1st Day In Their New Home And Calls For A Stand Against Racism

Dean G. Skelos

February 13, 2006

On the first day in their new home, the Burke Family and friends were greeted by Senator Dean Skelos as they take a stand against racism and are welcomed to the community. Senator Skelosbrought a house gift and provided lunch for their friends and family who will be helping unloadthe moving truck.

"The hate-filled graffiti that was painted on the Burke's house was horrible, but this disgusting event brought the community together," said Senator Skelos. "This type of bigotry resonates close to home for me. In the 1920s, my grandfather was subject to hatred and obstruction by the KKK because he was an immigrant and was unable to speak the language well. He, like the Burkes, persevered and made a better life for his family." "The Burkes are a great family and will be an asset to our community."

On Martin Luther King Day swastikas, KKK and racist words were spray painted on the garage door of their newly purchased home. The Burke Family has stated that they are intent on moving into the home and do not feel the vandalism was a reflection of the community.