Skelos And Hannon Announce Plan To Provide More Funding To Cradle Of Aviation Museum And Museum Row

Dean G. Skelos

June 09, 2005

R-GardenCity) today announced their intention to introduce legislation altering the current allocation of funding from NassauCounty’s 3% tax on overnight rental of commercial hotel and motel accommodations.

In 2005, NassauCounty’s hotel and motel tax is projected to generate more than $4.2 million. Of the 3% assessment, NassauCounty receives 2.25%, with the Long Island Convention and Visitors Bureau (“LICVB”) and Nassau County Department of Parks and Recreation receiving .5% and .25%, respectively. According to LICVB estimates, the County’s share will equal $3.15 million, the LICVB will receive $700,000 and Nassau County Parks and Recreation will collect $350,000.

Given the importance of additional marketing resources for the Cradle of Aviation Museum and Museum Row’s other attractions, the Nassau County Department of Parks and Recreation’s share would increase for the support of marketing and other related activities.

In the past, the NassauCounty hotel and motel surcharge has been effective for five years. This legislation will reduce this period to two years, thereby enabling a more timely review of the LIVCB’s operations and Museum Row’s utilization of these additional funds.

With seven legislative days remaining in the State Legislature’s 2005 Session, Senator Skelos and Senator Hannon plan to introduce this legislation next week for consideration by the State Senate and Assembly. The current law expires this year.