Skelos Urges Long Islanders To Prepare For Severe Storm

Dean G. Skelos

April 13, 2007

New York State Senate Deputy Majority Leader Dean G. Skelos (R-Rockville Centre) today encouraged Long Islanders to prepare for the severe storm expected to hit the region this weekend.

Please review the emergency preparedness checklist available in the Senate Update section of Senator Skelos' website for stepsthat can be takento prepare for severe weather conditions. In the event of flooding and road closures,a disaster supply kit can keepyou and your family self-sufficient for a couple of days.

You should also discuss with your family a family escape plan in the event that you have to leave your house temporarily. Make sure that any loose objects on or around your house are either brought inside or secured and that your car is fueled so that you can evacuate if necessary. Monitor local radio and TV for any updates and advisories or possible evacuation plans.

"It is important to always be prepared and to be cautious," said Senator Skelos. "The meteorologistsare predictingsignificant rain and high winds throughout the Metropolitan area. With the danger of flooding in coastal areas, everyone on Long Island should be prepared for the worst."

To contact theNassau County Office of Emergency Management, please call576-0636.