Cigarette Tax Increase

Diane J. Savino

June 22, 2010

By: Kumi Tucker

ALBANY -- New York State Senators passed another emergency extender.

They also voted, along party lines, to increase the tax on cigarettes.

"And that $1.60 a pack extra may not make as many people quit as we would like, but  will tell you what it will do.  It will prevent that next 12-year-old from buying cigarettes," said Senator Diane Savino (D - Brooklyn/Staten Island).

"This will hurt my community, my small busineses that are on the border by driving those customers across the border to shop cheaper," said Senator George Winner (R - Elmira).

The measure also called for the collection of taxes on cigarettes sold by Indian tribes to non-Indians.

"I know it affects so many upstate communities where anyone who is in close proximity to a Native American reservation, or more specifically, a convenience store or gas station, just can't compete. They can't compete with someone who is not obeying the tax laws," said Senator Jeff Klein (D - Bronx/Westchester).

It is something that has been tried and resisted for years...

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