Lawmaker Holds Veterans Community Forum

Diane J. Savino

November 13, 2007

State Senator Diane Savino led a community forum on discrimination against military families Saturday.

Representatives from state and local agencies were present to answer questions posed by veterans and their families and also to get feedback on what their groups can be doing to help them out.

Michael Villacres has been stationed at Fort Wadsworth since his return from serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom. He voiced his personal concern about being able to take advantage of his right for a free college education.

"If it's simply too much with regards to the red tape the bureaucracy in regards to waiting, versus contacting, finding out who to contact, what time, when are the hours,” said Villacres. “It's too much of a headache, especially when you come back. You simply want to get back to your family want to go a head and get back to school or get back to work and move on with your life."