The New Class War Is The Same As The Old Class War

Diane J. Savino

August 31, 2010

By Sen. Diane Savino
There is a class war brewing between the haves and the havenots. According to a recent column in the New York Times, the "haves" are public-sector employees who enjoy "cadillac pensions" and the "have-nots" are those in the private sector who don’t.

In recent months, right-wing think tanks and elected officials have been beating the drum that the decent wages and benefits that public employees enjoy are the cause of our economic woes.

News sources frequently cite accounts of those scamming the system by earning two pensions or skirting overtime rules. The perception is that most public employees retire with $100,000 pensions, Page when 1 the truth is the average pension is $33,000 a year.

There is indeed a war going on, but the real war is against the middle class. Rather than envying public-sector benefits, we should be demanding the same for the entire workforce.

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