Senator Savino Announces Support For Fair Share For Health Care Act

Diane J. Savino

March 08, 2006

New YorkState.

“I’m glad to see that a member of theMajority Conference is taking up this issue. Big Box stores, such as Walmart, should not be allowed to take advantage of New York’s tax payer funded Medicaid programs,” said Senator Savino.

Both Minority andMajority sponsored bills address the refusal of many large retailers, like Walmart, to provide adequate health care benefits to their employees.

These retail workers, many of whom earn below the poverty line, must instead depend on Medicaid funded programs such as Child Health Plus and Family Health Plus for their health care—costing New York taxpayers an estimated $20 million to a $1 billion a year.

The Fair Share for Health Care Act has been introduced by Assemblyman Richard Gottfried in the Assembly.

“I am happy to see thatSenateMajority Membershave rallied to the cause. With support on both sides of the aisle, I am confident that we can get this legislation passed this session,” said Senator Savino.