State Senator Proposes Quiet Area On Ferry

Diane J. Savino

December 25, 2007

In response to a complaint by a constituent about the noise on the Staten Island Ferry, State Senator Diane Savino is proposing a special quiet area where passengers can ride to and from work without being bothered by cell phones, iPods and loud preachers.

She says quiet cars already exist on Metro North and the Long Island Rail Road and the idea can easily be applied to a designated deck on the ferry.

"This would actually be easy and cheap and not hard to do," said Savino. "All it requires is signs that say this is the quiet deck and people self-enforce themselves, the way they do on the railroads now. If you want peace and quiet, that's where you'll go. If you want to talk to your friends and listen to music, you'll go somewhere else."

Savino has been in touch with the Department of Transportation about implementing the idea. She says they are looking into any possible First Amendment conflicts before considering it further.