Governor Allocates $1.5 Million to Concerned for Independent Living

Eric Adams

July 02, 2009

Senator Adams states:

"In early January, I wrote a letter to New York State DHCR in support of an application of Concern For Independent Living for an allocation of low income housing tax credits for a project in my District #20. Today, Governor Paterson has announced that he is providing credits totaling $48 million, designating more than $1.5 million to Concern.      

The impressive thirty-year record of Concern For Independent Living in assisting disabled and low income persons to achieve housing stability has promoted social cohesion and strengthened family units.  The proposal funded today will provide vitally needed permanent affordable housing, transforming a blighted lot that is currently vacant land.  It will help reduce chronic homelessness and provide safe housing in my community to low income individuals and persons with disabilities.  It will provide relief to those who are in need of aid and catalyze the revitalization of the area. 

The manner in which we treat the most vulnerable citizens in our society is the measure of our humanity.  I commend the Governor for this outstanding allocation."

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