June is National Safety Month

Eric Adams

June 01, 2012


Dear Constituents:


With summer vacations starting, longer days, and mild nights, we must be even more vigilant about safety between May and September. Thus, June has been dubbed National Safety Month.


We should devote this month both to prevention of accidents and awareness of how to improve safety measures. Safety at work, at home, and on the road between them is critical to leading a secure life.


Teen driving increases in June, and we must be ever-vigilant of young drivers and their passengers. Teens should never text while driving (no one should) and must consider the safety of others when deciding on a maximum speed on the roadways.


Another way to protect our families is to maintain tight control over drugs and medicines in our homes. These cures are amazing for our health, but can be deadly if misused or abused. You can visit http://www.nsc.org to learn more ways to stay safe during this and every season.


This month is not meant to frighten. In fact, according to nsc.org, “Poison prevention initiatives begun in the 1960s have greatly reduced poisoning deaths for children ages five and younger- to [only] thirty in 2005.” We can continue this legacy of safety in all walks of life.


Please visit http://www.nsc.org, as well as local community groups with expertise (second opinions never hurt!), for more information on this important month of recognition.


Yours very truly,


NYS Senator Eric Adams