Legislation Sponsored by Senator Adams

Eric Adams

September 20, 2011

S4250-2011: Increases the term of office of members of the legislature to 4 years; limits statewide elected officers and legislators to 3 consecutive 4 year terms

S5319-2011: Requires the use of identification numbers for filing tax documents

S5371A-2011: Authorizes conductors and motormen to carry tasers or electronic stun guns during the performance of his or her duties

S5480-2011: Requires health education to be taught in high schools regarding the abandoned infant protection program

S5642-2011: Establishes the offense of assault on an elected official

S5858-2011: Establishes the crime of failure to report the death or disappearance of a child

S5874-2011: Establishes violations for venues that fail to properly charge consumers at point of sale consistent with the price listed at the product display in the venue.