Nys Senator Eric Adams Joins The Manufacturer Of The Current Nypd-issued Tasers To Demonstrate A Revolutionary New Model That Allows A Camera To Be Mounted On The Taser

Eric Adams

June 14, 2008

New York State Senator Eric Adams (D, Brooklyn) will hold a press conference with civil rights attorney Norman Siegel and a representative of the company that supplies the NYPD with the newly-issued tasers that sergeants and lieutenants will be carrying.  At the press conference, Senator Adams will display the advanced technology that allows a camera to be installed on a taser to automatically provide video/audio documentation each time the weapon is drawn from its holster. 

Senator Adams and the company’s representative will demonstrate the operation of the device by discharging a taser into a target and capturing the action on the video camera that is mounted on the taser. 

Senator Adams states:  “The taser camera is a digital video attachment.  This cutting-edge technology automatically provides a video recording with full sound to document securely all events after a taser is removed from its holster.  It captures all activity leading up to and including any discharge of that taser, providing an objective chronicle of any episode involving its use by law enforcement personnel.  Police agencies should embrace new technology that can supplement or supplant eyewitness testimony to clarify the sequence of events in a taser incident.  A camera installed on a taser can provide crucial assistance in this endeavor.  “

Senator Adams further states:  “The installation of security software in the taser camera will maintain evidence chain documentation.  And establishing an audio/video record automatically each time the taser is unholstered will be invaluable during any subsequent litigation or liability proceedings.”