Nys Senator Eric Adams Joins Other Elected Officials And Community Leaders To Present Citations Of Merit For Hatzolah And Shomrim

Eric Adams

January 24, 2008

New York State Senator Eric Adams (D, Brooklyn) and other elected officials will hold a press conference with leaders of the Hasidic Jewish community to recognize and honor the volunteer EMS organization Hatzolah and the volunteer safety patrol organization Shomrim.

Senator Adams states: “It is my great pleasure to pay homage to two superlative volunteer groups, Hatzolah and Shomrim. In the Hebrew language, Hatzolah means rescue, and this is a particularly appropriate name for an organization known throughout the State of New York for its swift response to medical emergencies. For more than 35 years, Hatzolah volunteers have saved lives by making emergency medical calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, leaving their regular jobs or postponing family obligations to tend to those in medical crisis. The benevolence of this enterprise is underlined by the fact that the activities are funded by community charitable endeavors and provided at no cost to individual patients. Shomrim is Hebrew for guardians, and the individuals who comprise the volunteer civilian safety patrols are true stewards of their community, serving as vigilant eyes and ears for the residents and working in conjunction with NYPD to promote a secure neighborhood environment. The Shomrim risk their own security in their valiant effort to protect their fellow citizens. I hold the members of both Hatzolah and Shomrim in the highest esteem.”