Nys Senator Eric Adams Will Be Joined By A Group Of Brooklyn Youths Who Raised $900 To Compensate An 85-year-old Grandmother Who Was The Victim Last Month Of A Vicious Assault And Robbery On Her Elevator

Eric Adams

September 22, 2008

NYS Senator Eric Adams will be joined at a press conference by a group of a Brooklyn youths who raised $900 to reimburse 85-year-old Lillian France, a senior citizen who was choked into unconsciousness and robbed on August 14th in the elevator of 1015 Washington Avenue in Brooklyn.  The entire crime was captured on closed-circuit cameras and broadcast throughout the city.  Although the suspect was apprehended, Ms. France never recovered her money.  The young people in this group have responded to the incident by raising the funds to compensate her.


New York State Senator Eric Adams says:           “On Thursday, August 14th, 85 year old Lillian France was viciously assaulted and robbed at 1015 Washington Avenue.  The perpetrator choked her into unconsciousness and stole $900.  The crime was captured by security cameras, and viewing it incited outrage in every decent human being in our community.  The young people here today decided that their moral indignation was not sufficient.  They were determined to show the respect they have for our senior citizens by raising $900 to restore to Ms. France.  We often hear about youthful misdeeds.  This group of youngsters exemplifies a noble set of values and a virtuous system of ethics of which we can be proud.”

New York State Senator Eric Adams further says:          “This heinous crime was not the monster’s first assault: he had targeted several other elderly women.  There is a short video on YouTube [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aOz0w8xhUM] that shows the crime as it was captured by security cameras.  After watching it, I publicly called upon anyone who recognized this evildoer to call the police immediately.  THIS IS OUR COMMUNITY!  WE MUST BEAR WITNESS! Responsible members of our district must have the honesty and moral courage to contact the NYPD with any relevant knowledge whenever a crime occurs.  Our streets will only be safe when residents hold criminals accountable by reporting eyewitness information to the police.  It is important to note that in recognition of the fact that our biggest responsibility is the protection of our most vulnerable citizens, the NYS legislature has passed a law making predatory attacks on our senior citizens a felony.