Safe Child Book Data

Eric Adams

January 16, 2008

During my years in the NYC Police Department, many of my detectives responded to calls from
the homes of runaway or missing children. However, the traumatized parents were often too
grief-stricken to supply the investigators with much-needed basic information about their

The time lost in obtaining a photograph or basic information can greatly impede the search for a.
lost child.

As a New York State Senator, I take nothing more seriously than the safety and wellbeing of our
children and families. Therefore, I propose the creation of a Safe Child Book.

Parents and guardians will assemble a simple composition or spiral notebook containing basic
information about their children to be turned over to detectives at the start of an investigation.
This will eliminate unnecessary delays and allow officers to begin an efficient search immediately.

The Safe Child Book enables parents to help investigators and reminds them that they are not

Listed below is a list of recommended items for the Safe Child Book.
Eric Adams