Senator Eric Adams Will Join A Group Of Brooklyn Youth That Raised $900.00 To Give To The 85-year-old Grandmother Who Was Viciously Robbed While Riding The Elevator In Her Building

Eric Adams

September 20, 2008

New York State Senator Eric Adams (D) Brooklyn, will hold a press conference with a group of Brooklyn youths who raised $900.00 dollars that they will give to 85-year-old Mrs. ###. Mrs. France was the victim of a vicious robbery while she was riding an elevator in her building . The person guilty of the crime choked Mrs. France until she fell unconscious. He then stole $900.00 dollars from her. The entire robbery was caught on tape and broadcasted throughout the city. Although the suspect was subsequently arrestd, Mrs. France did not received her money back.

A group of Brooklyn youth responded to this crime by raising money to return the $900.00 dollars to Mrs. France.

Senator Adams states "we often look at the bad things that young people do without taking the time to exaiming many of the good deeds that they perform each day."

Date: Saturday, September 20th , 2008

Time: 1:00 PM

Location:   Office of NYS Senator Eric Adams 
                    572 Flatbush Avenue
                    Brooklyn, NY

Presiding: NYS Senator Eric Adams 
                    Mrs. France 
                    Group of Youth