First order of business: MTA operation and services

February 02, 2010

The first order of business taken up by the delegation was a recent meeting with new MTA Chairman Jay Walder, who came to listen to the grievances of the Senators regarding the operation and services provided by his agency.
The 9 Senators worked very well together, demostrating unity of purpose, and pushed partisan politics aside to have a productive discussion with the new Chairman.  Toether, they made it clear that private companies, small, independently-owned businesses, local governments, schools, hospitals, and many non-profits are being forced and struggling with the "payroll tax".
In unison, the 9 Senators emphasized to Chairman Walder that this tax is a major hinderance to the region's already struggling business climate.
Together they hope for future collaboration to lessen the burden of the MTA payroll tax and to improve services in the region.  The delegation received a commitment to implement a forensic audit of the MTA and reinforced their objections to the quarter vote on the MTA's Board of Directors.  The 9 Senators are planning to draft and later introduce legislation to provide more voting equity on the MTA's Board.

See attached Journal News Article.